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Command and Control Optimized for Emergency Response and Border Security

Command and Control Optimized for Emergency Response and Border Security

Command and Control Optimized for Emergency Response and Border SecurityCommand and Control Optimized for Emergency Response and Border SecurityCommand and Control Optimized for Emergency Response and Border Security

Mission Critical C3 for Demanding Operational Requirements

Vector Tracking and Communications System


Vector Tracking and Communications System (V-TACS)

V-TACS is a self-contained light weight command, control, and communications (C3) system that has been optimized for maritime and expeditionary operations. 


V-TACS is comprised of three major components: Vector Iridium Data Link (VIDL) for beyond line of sight communications; a Vector Laser Range Finder  (V-LRF) for geographically plotting targets of interest; and an operations management application called Locorum (Latin for location) that provides the user interface.

Capabilities and Functionality

V-TACS plots and updates blue force tracks and geo-locates of targets of interest. Supports PTT voice, text, and data. Provides a shared common operational picture (COP) for greater situational awareness. Integrates other Iridium PTT devices and tracks location.  

Customized Configurations

5x will customize the V-TACS to meet users unique operational requirements.  We deliver a system that is ready to use out of the box. 

Vector Iridium data link specifications


Dimensions: 170x120x56mm

Weight: 0.64kg

Power Requirements: 9-32 VDC

Power Consumption: < 0.4A @12 VDC

Transmit Power: 7W max

Frequency Range: 1616to 1626 GHz

Satellite Constellation: Iridium

Environmental Protection: IP-68 (immersion)

Operating Temperature: -30 to +70 deg C


  • Audio: U-329, 6-pin circular connector
  • Antenna: 2x SMA (GPS/satellite)
  • Data: Ethernet (RJ-45)
  • USB 2.0 (optional)
  • Serial Port (sensor data input)
  • Power: MS-3106-12S-3P

Innovative technology made simple

Situational Awareness

The Vector Tracking and Communications System (V-TACS) is designed to help defense, emergency response, and public safety forces more efficiently conduct their missions. It allows these organizations to maintain a common operational picture (COP) among a widely dispersed force and effectively conduct operations over a large geographical area. V-TACS enables users at remote locations to see their position on a map and the location of other users. Users can  designate targets or points of interest and disseminate that information to other users. V-TACS supports voice calls, text messages and formatted reports. 

The VIDL unit is the heart of V-TACS. It ties the display and sensor components together with data interfaces and serves as the gateway to other nodes in the network. Data is exchanged with the display over IP connection using UPD protocol. Sensor data comes into the VIDL through serial (RS- 232) interface.  VIDL uses this sensor data and data from the embedded GPS to geolocate distant points and targets. This information is then presented to the operator on the display. The operator can elect to send designated targets and points of interest to other users in the network.


V-TACS Topology

An Open Architecture Integrated System

The VIDL provides voice, data, and Position Location Information (PLI) services. It contains a GPP processor,  GPS module, and an Iridium transceiver. The Iridium transceiver allows Push-to-Talk (PTT) voice calls, PTT data packets, Short Burst Data (SBD) packets, SMS text messages, and voice telephone calls to be transmitted over the Iridium satellite constellation. 

VIDL version 1.0 supports PTT voice and data modes. The PTT data mode is used to exchange text messages and geographical position location information (PLI) with other nodes in the network.


5x Systems news

Hurricane Dorian Response


The devastation on Abaco Island was unimaginable. With the communication infrastructure completely destroyed, 5x reached out to offer help.

Royal Bahamas Defense Force


RBDF communications team installed  

V-TACS at the command center in Nassau while emergency response forces deployed with Iridium PTT phones.

5x Systems and RBDF Team


Working with our friends in the RBDF. Under the direction of Lieutenant Bastian, we designed an emergency response for HA/ DR missions.

Joint Inter-Agency Task Force (JIATF) South


JIATF mission  detects and monitors illicit trafficking in the air and maritime domains to facilitate international  and inter-agency interdiction and apprehension.   

V- TACS installed on Command Ship Kellie Chouest


V-TACS  was integrated into the radio suite aboard the command ship. Satellite connectivity reduces reliance on HF for closing long distance communications links.

Roll On / Roll Off V-TACS configured for easy deployment


5x configured a RO/RO kit for ease of transfer among partner nations exercising with JIATF South. 

About our name

5x Means Something to Communicators

 5x is a term of military slang specific to radio operators begun in WWII.. When an operator asks for a radio check with other stations in the network, a common response is, “Roger, I have you five by.” This means the distant station hears the operator requesting the radio check loud and clear. It’s a shortened version of the more formal method for describing received signal strength and clarity on a scale of 1 to 5, with five being the best. 5x5 means strong signal and excellent clarity on that scale.  We hear our customers and act to deliver the quality and capability they demand. 


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